The Enneagram and EFT
Magnify Your Magic & Tap Into Your Inner Energy

The Enneagram - is it important for EFT Practitioners? 

You betcha! 😁

And especially if you're struggling with the yucky feeling of "not enoughness".

In fact, I believe it's so important that I've combined elements of the Enneagram with the power of EFT to create a new technique called 9-Point TappingTM.

If you're a practitioner with a soul-driven mission to make a big difference, but you're held back by a deep-rooted fear of not having what it takes, 9-Point Tapping is the embodiment practice that will permanently connect you to the incredible wealth of inner resources that you have always had.

But what's really exciting is that when the Enneagram, EFT, and 9-Point Tapping are put together, a kind of alchemy occurs, and a new way of working emerges.

I call it the DiamondFire Formula - the Self Belief Super-Booster for Soul Driven Practitioners.


Hi, I'm Helen, and I'm the creator of the DiamondFire Formula - a self belief super-booster for practitioners who are driven to make a difference but keep being stalled by "not-enoughness".

Over the last two decades, I've taught thousands of people worldwide how to use the Enneagram and EFT for themselves and their clients.

But one thing has always puzzled me about the incredible coaches, therapists, and other soul-driven practitioners that I've been privileged to teach.

Why were they absolutely superb at propelling others to success, but still struggling to believe in their own brilliance?

I recognised this attitude in myself too and, for a long time, it held me back from fully embracing everything I could be.

So what is going on?  What are we failing to see, or understand, about ourselves that makes us shy away from being uniquely brilliant?

Years of research and study, coupled with my own inner journey, led me to one simple, inescapable conclusion.

We've forgotten our True Nature. 

We've forgotten that we are DiamondFire!

The DiamondFire Formula is for every single coach, therapist, or practitioner who has declared themselves ready to live life with unshakeable self belief.

Are you holding yourself back from being more visible, or are you playing small and staying stuck because of negative self-talk?

Is it finally your time to join me and all the other soul driven entrepreneurs who have said "Enough! to Not-Enoughness"?

If so, then it's also your time to super-boost your self belief with the DiamondFire Formula.


You're about to learn how to use the Enneagram to magnify your magic, how to use EFT to tap into your inner energy, and how to embody both with 9-Point Tapping.

I thought the Enneagram was a personality test...........

Despite what you've read on the Internet, the Enneagram isn't a personality test!

Enneagram colour

It's a database of ancient wisdom, and a way to deeply understand yourself, your motivations, and all of your relationships.

But, more than that, it provides the clearest, most direct path to profound self-awareness, radical self-acceptance, and compassionate understanding of both yourself and others.

Ultimately, it will point you towards the core of your being, your uniquely brilliant inner energy, or as I like to call it these days, your DiamondFire. 

When you are being your DiamondFire, you can truly make a much bigger difference in the world 🙂

And, just as the Enneagram isn't a personality test, it's important to point out that EFT isn't simply a tool for managing stress!

EFT is actually the perfect companion for a journey into self compassion, self love, and unwavering resolve.

If you're ready to be free of limitations, and longing to discover and share the brilliance of who you really are, it's time to unleash your DiamondFire!

Joy-filled woman overlooking the sea at sunset

What is DiamondFire?

In the simplest of terms, DiamondFire is your unique brilliance. 

It is both your potential, and who you are always becoming, in every unfolding moment.

DiamondFire is the REAL YOU - unencumbered by doubt, uncertainty, or limiting beliefs.

Being the real you is the greatest gift that you can give to the world!

And with the Enneagram, EFT, and 9-Point Tapping, you can finally unleash your DiamondFire!

Can you imagine having an enduring mindset that meant you were able:

  • to move past limiting beliefs in minutes rather than months?
  • to stop procrastinating easily rather than with effort?
  • to make changes willingly rather than with willpower?
  • to live in powerful self-belief rather than permanent self-doubt?
  • to make a dazzling difference for your clients by being dazzlingly different in yourself?

That is the promise of the DiamondFire Formula.

The Promise of The DiamondFire Formula

Move past limiting beliefs in minutes rather than months

Stop procrastinating easily rather than with effort

Make changes willingly rather than with willpower

Live in powerful self-belief rather than permanent self-doubt

Make a dazzling difference for your clients by being dazzlingly different in yourself

Learning to Unlearn

In my many years of practice and teaching, you can imagine that I have come across lots of tools and techniques that have been incredibly helpful both for myself and my students.

Without a doubt, the most powerful have been the Enneagram and EFT.

If you're new to these, I'm here to show you how they can make a transformational difference for you and your clients.

But, if you're already familiar with either of them, I am beyond excited to introduce you to the DiamondFire Formula where you will learn about 9-Point Tapping and take your work to a much more profound level than you may have thought possible.

You see, DiamondFire Academy isn’t simply a place of learning about the Enneagram and EFT.

In fact, in many ways, it’s very different because, although deep learning is essential, connecting with your DiamondFire is actually a process of unlearning.

So what is it that you need to unlearn?

Is it the 'facts' that you tell yourself about who you are and what you deserve in life?

Is it the behaviour patterns that no longer serve you?

What do you need to release for good?

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On my own personal journey, I am always guided by an old Buddhist proverb that states “Learning to unlearn is the highest form of learning”.

When you unlearn who you think you are, the brilliance of your DiamondFire will radiate for all to see.

Image of mountain path by composita from Pixabay

My mission is to create a space where you feel safe and supported in finding out how you can stand up, step up, and SHOW UP to make a much bigger difference in the world.

When you know how to unleash your DiamondFire, you will radically transform yourself, your clients, and your business in the most powerful and impactful way!

In fact, with the Enneagram, EFT, and 9-Point Tapping in our toolbox, the DiamondFire Formula shows us how to transform the world simply by transforming ourselves.

I hope you will join me,
Helen x

"Helen has an uncanny ability to go beyond what’s on the surface very quickly.  She seems to connect with you straight away at a soul level. 

I’ve been privileged to watch a lot of therapists demonstrate their work with clients, and I’ve never seen any of them get directly to the heart of the matter in the way that she does. 

If you ever get a chance to work with Helen, or to attend one of her classes, jump at it!"

Sonia Grant
Owner - Mindset UK
Lead Facilitator - iHeart Scotland

Quick List
Enneagram Types

Type 1 - Perfectionist, Reformer

Type 2 - Helper, Advisor

Type 3 - Performer, Achiever

Type 4 - Individualist, Romantic

Type 5 - Investigator, Observer

Type 6 - Guardian, Loyalist

Type 7 - Optimist, Enthusiast

Type 8 - Challenger, Protector

Type 9 - Peacemaker, Mediator

"Helen is fantastic - a great speaker and a superb teacher.  I love her energy.

She makes learning fun, and literally brings the work alive!"

Lorna M.
Health Care Trainer - Scotland