The DiamondFire Formula
A Unique Self Belief Program

At DiamondFire Academy you can:

  • learn Enneagram theory
  • train in EFT Tapping


you can take a deep dive straight away and learn about the DiamondFire Formula - a transformational self belief education program unlike any other!

The DiamondFire Formula is for you if you're ready to develop a mindset that is resilient, unshakeable, and unceasingly empowering.

DiamondFire is simply a metaphor for you at your very best.

It is the real you, unencumbered by doubt, uncertainty, or limiting beliefs.

It is your true nature - unique and dazzlingly brilliant.

When you decide to develop a DiamondFire mindset, you will move confidently and naturally into a new place of:

  • self-awareness,
  • self-acceptance
  • self-empowerment.

You will have no need to play small or stay hidden.

Living in your unique brilliance will be as easy as pie!

And as you transform and evolve, you will be finally be able to unleash your DiamondFire!

You can stand up, step up, and SHOW UP as the gift to the world you were always meant to be.


At DiamondFire Academy, you will learn how the Enneagram and EFT Tapping provide both the information and the change mechanism that you need to create a quantum transformation in your life.

Elements of the DiamondFire Formula training program

  • Understand the basics of Enneagram Theory - learn about the structure of the Enneagram as a model of the human psyche
  • Identify your Enneagram type
  • Understand the basics of Enneagram personality structure - learn about your basic motivation, wings, instinctual variants, and level of function
  • Understand the soul structure model used in the DiamondFire Formula
  • Identify your unique point of Diamond Fire
  • Learn about the Trinity Principle and its importance in personal growth
  • Identify ego-traps that may slow your progress
  • Learn how to use EFT Tapping with Enneagram affirmations
  • Understand energetic structures in the psyche and the nature of trauma
  • Learn how to dismantle simple energetic structures with EFT
  • Learn EFT Tapping for Trauma
  • Learn how to use 9-Point TappingTM to embody the DiamondFire mindset

More detailed information about the DiamondFire Formula training program will be available in the coming weeks.

If you would prefer to learn about the Enneagram separately, click here for Enneagram Training options.

If you would like EFT Training, I will be providing more details soon. 

In the meantime, please contact me to find out more about any aspect of my work.

"Thank you, Helen, for providing a ton of information and making it fun to learn.”

Tracy G.

Relationship Coach - Ohio, USA

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