Enneagram Training & Coaching

EFT and Enneagram training have been the focus of my work for many years.

Helen Walker presenting 'The Soul Purpose of EFT' in York, 2013

My name may have changed (I was Helen Walker, I'm now Helen Devlin), but the central message remains the same!

YOU have incredible gifts to share with the world and, if something is holding you back, I'd love to show you how to move forward using both EFT and the Enneagram as your guide.

Soon, I'll be providing a lot more information about how to work with me face to face, online, and even for free! (Well, almost! 😁)

In the meantime, here's a list of available Enneagram training options so, if you'd like to get started straight away, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.

A further training option, Using The Enneagram With Your Clients, is in development.

Enneagram Training

This course will allow you to understand how the Enneagram works, and how you can use it to get insights into helping other people to find their type.  In this training, you will:

  • Learn the basics of Enneagram theory
  • Understand basic fears and desires, and the resulting motivations
  • Be able to work with wings, subtypes, and levels of development
  • Understand the relationship between Essence and personality
  • Learn about triads, Hornevian groups, harmonic groups, and other relationships

For more details, get in touch.

Enneagram Typing - Basic

If you'd like help to discover your Enneagram type, individual typing sessions are available.  Together, we will:

  • Use the RHETI assessment tool to narrow down your most likely types
  • Discuss the strengths, challenges, and motivations of the types
  • Use additional techniques to determine your type
  • Review the basic information for your type
  • Discuss coaching insights

Contact me for more information.

Enneagram Typing - Advanced

Once you have discovered your dominant type, these sessions will allow you to:

  • Understand your core motivation and how it manifests in your life
  • Discover your stress and growth responses and how to work with them
  • Learn about Enneagram wings, subtypes, levels of development
  • Understand the Trinity Principle and how it relates to your growth
  • Learn about your basic motivation, wings, instinctual variants, and level of function

Just get in touch if you want to know more.

The Spiritual Enneagram

The Enneagram is a tool for both psychological and spiritual growth. 

In this training, you will:

  • Learn about the nine faces of the soul and the structure of the Enneagram
  • Discover the "Enneagram of Passions and Virtues"
  • Be introduced to a range of Enneagram applications for spiritual growth

Learning about the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram gives a greater understanding of personality structure, and a more complete picture of the path to personal fulfilment.

DiamondFire Training & Coaching is based on both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the Enneagram.

Get in touch for further details.

Using The Enneagram With Your Clients

Whether you're a coach or a therapist, using the Enneagram with your clients will enhance your work.  This training will allow you to:

  • Learn how the different Enneagram types present as clients
  • Understand what does and does not work for each of the types
  • Know how to create rapport and trust with different personality styles
  • Become aware of how your own Ennegram style enhances or impedes your coaching/therapy interactions
  • Bring greater awareness to possible transference and counter-transference when working with specific Enneagram types

Contact me to find out more.

"Thank you, Helen, for providing a ton of information and making it fun to learn.”

Tracy G.

Relationship Coach - Ohio, USA

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