Enneagram Type 2

Enneagram Type 2 - The Helper, The Advisor - they are nurturing, caring, and supportive, while they fear being unloved or unwanted, and not being seen as worthy of love or care. 

Enneagram Type 2 symbolic animal - the puppy.

They are exemplified by the puppy - loving and attentive, keen to please, adorable and adored.

They tend to focus on what others want.  They are highly motivated to be appreciated.

At their best....

Type 2s are life's givers.  They are kind, generous, and open-hearted.

They are naturally people-oriented, and always looking for ways to help others. 

They are caring, and want others to thrive.  

They have the ability to bring unconditional love to the present moment.

Patterns that might cause problems....

Enneagram Type 2s might have noticed that they:

  • work at making people like them
  • give of themselves in the hope of getting love in return
  • surround themselves with needy people
  • sometimes overstep personal boundaries when connecting with others

They use these behaviours in an effort to maintain their sense of being loved.

Type 2s may eventually come to realise that their people pleasing is creating the opposite effect and causing more problems instead.

A desire to break free from these patterns of behaviour is the first step for those who are dominant in Enneagram Type 2 to turn their lives around, and reorient themselves towards their soul's true intention.

How do I know if I'm a Type 2?

Multiple choice quiz

Taking an Enneagram test will give you an indication of what your dominant type MIGHT be, but it cannot give you a definitive answer. 

Some people can spot their dominant type straight away just by reading a description.  Others may take some time to work out which description fits best.

My advice is to start by looking at the motivation for each type. 

Type 2s are motivated by the desire to be loved, to be appreciated.

Which of the 9 motivations is most important to you?

EFT Tapping for Enneagram Type 2

Look for specific events where you learned that you had to give before you could get.

How did you know it was necessary to earn a place in the affections of others?

Remember! - EFT Tapping is extremely powerful and can uncover intense emotions very quickly. 

If you know or suspect that there are unsettling or traumatic events in your past, do not use EFT without the assistance of a suitably qualified practitioner.

Tapping Affirmation for Enneagram Type 2

I release my need to manipulate others into giving me love and affection.

Mindful Meditation for Enneagram Type 2

I can reorient myself towards my DiamondFire when I:

STOP trying to win love and acceptance from the world

START to recognise the presence of Divine Love in myself and others

Quick List
Enneagram Motivations

Type 1 - to be good

Type 2 - to be appreciated

Type 3 - to be successful

Type 4 - to be unique

Type 5 - to be knowledgeable

Type 6 - to be prepared

Type 7 - to be free

Type 8 - to be self-reliant

Type 9 - to be at peace