Begin With Your
Enneagram Type

Don't feel boxed in when you discover your Enneagram type!

Some people (like me!) love the idea of personality profiles.  Others hate it.

I get it.  I understand.

With a lot of personality tests, it's easy to think that you're being labelled, categorised, and put into a small compartment.

The Enneagram is different.  Very different!

The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box.  It shows you the box you're already in, and how to get out of it.1

"The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box.  It shows you the box you're already in, and how to get out of it." 

Ian Morgan Cron

If you've wondered what the Enneagram has to do with self empowerment and DiamondFire, then the answer is that it's the starting point.

The Enneagram provides information about where you are right now, and where you have the potential to go.

Discovering your dominant Enneagram type is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

Nine Broad Personality Types

Think of the Enneagram as a vast body of knowledge about human potential.

It's a map of human behaviours, motivations, instinctual drives, and more.

When we take an Enneagram personality test, it helps us to find out where we are on the map, so that we can see where we could potentially go.

Usually, Enneagram personality tests are designed to analyse your most common behaviours.

Here's how it works.

Imagine the whole range of human behaviours laid out on a large circle. They're not categorised in any way.

Which ones would describe you most of the time?

(I've given you a few ideas in the image below.)

Image of large circle with random human behaviours listed inside

The truth is that we are all capable of every one of these behaviours to a greater or lesser extent. 

You probably recognise some of them as being "who I am".  Others are "who I'd like to be", and some of them are "not really me at all".

The Enneagram groups behaviours, motivations, etc. into nine broad categories, each one being a personality type. 

I've taken some random behaviours and assigned them to one of the nine categories, just to give you an idea of each of the personality types.

Take a look at the image below.

18 random behaviours grouped in pairs and placed at 9 equidistant points around the circle

An Enneagram personality test will highlight the behaviours that you use most often, and then suggest which of the nine categories best describes you.

What Is My Dominant Enneagram Type?

The Enneagram defines nine broad personality types.

Your Enneagram type is actually based on motivation rather than behaviour, but when you start out with the Enneagram, using a test to group your behaviours can be really useful in helping to clarify your motivations.

Here are some common descriptions of the nine types.  These are general outlines and may give you an idea of your dominant Enneagram type.

Remember, you will recognise aspects of yourself in more than one category!

Type 1 - The Perfectionist, The Reformer - they are rational, disciplined, and practical, while they fear being corrupt, losing their sense of integrity, and being wrong or lazy.  They tend to focus on what’s right and what's wrong.  They are highly motivated to be good.

Type 2 - The Helper, The Advisor - they are nurturing, caring, and supportive, while they fear being unloved or unwanted, and not being seen as worthy of love or care.  They tend to focus on what others want.  They are highly motivated to be appreciated.

Type 3 - The Performer, The Achiever - they are driven, goal-oriented, and efficient, while they fear being disrespected, or seen as worthless or undesirable without their achievements.  They tend to focus on achieving goals.  They are highly motivated to be successful.

Type 4 - The Individualist, The Romantic - they are expressive, self-aware, and deep, while they fear not being unique, and being seen as worthless because of this.  They tend to focus on what is missing in their life, and dwell more on past and future rather than the present moment.  They are highly motivated to be unique.

Type 5 - The Investigator, The Observer - they are innovative, private, and analytical, while they fear being helpless or incompetent, and not having knowledge.  They tend to focus on their thoughts.  They are highly motivated to be knowledgeable.

Type 6 - The Guardian, The Loyalist - they are responsible, questioning, and unsure of the unfamiliar, while they fear uncertainty, not being able to survive on their own, and not having support.  They tend to focus on internal questions, and checking evidence.  They are highly motivated to be prepared.

Type 7 - The Optimist, The Enthusiast - they are spontaneous, imaginative, and curious, while they fear not having their wants and needs addressed, and having to experience any deprivation.  They tend to focus on future possibilities, and ensuring that they always have multiple options.  They are highly motivated to be free.

Type 8 - The Challenger, The Protector - they are decisive, tough-minded, and authoritative, while they fear being controlled or limited in any way.  They tend to focus on the location of power and control.  They are highly motivated to be self-reliant.

Type 9 - The Peacemaker, The Mediator - they are agreeable, patient, and open-minded, while they fear confrontation, and being disconnected from others.  They tend to focus on other people's point of view.  They are highly motivated to be at peace.

Some people read a description and recognise their dominant type straight away, while some get a clear idea after an Enneagram test.

Other people may need to study the personality styles in more detail, or may need some coaching to help recognise their Enneagram type.

1 The Road Back To You, Ian Morgan Cron & Susan Stabile

Quick List
Enneagram Types

Type 1 - Perfectionist, Reformer

Type 2 - Helper, Advisor

Type 3 - Performer, Achiever

Type 4 - Individualist, Romantic

Type 5 - Investigator, Observer

Type 6 - Guardian, Loyalist

Type 7 - Optimist, Enthusiast

Type 8 - Challenger, Protector

Type 9 - Peacemaker, Mediator

Enneagram Symbol in colourEnneagram Symbol

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